b'2F8585mm / 5kg2 Finger Adaptive Gripper85mm JawDesign Parameter ValueMax. Gripper Opening (mm) 85Maximum Payload (kg) 5GRIPPER COUPLING Gripper Mass Inc. Coupling (g) 925ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6SOLD SEPERATLEY TO GRIPPER Min. Grasp Force (N) 20Max. Grasp Force (N) 235Max. Shear Force Fx Fy Fz (N)** 50Max. Finger Moment MxMy (Nm)* 5Max. Finger Moment Mz (Nm)** 3Min. Finger Speed (mm/s) 20Max. Finger Speed (mm/s) 150Min. Load Encompassing (mm)43Force Repeatability (%)10Positional Repeatability (mm) 0.05Positional Resolution (mm) 0.4Supply Voltage (V DC) 2410%Abs. Max. Supply Voltage (V DC) 28Peak Current (A) 1Min. Power Consumption (W) < 1Ingress Protection (IP) IP40Operating Temp Range (C) - 10 / + 50* About base of fingers ** About base of gripperANY COLLABORATIVE ROBOT INSTALLATION MUST ALWAYS BE EVALUATED ON ANINDIVIDUAL BASIS TO DETERMINE THE SUITABILITY FOR WORKING WITHOUT GUARDING12 TEL: 01827 253340 FAX: 01827 253390sales@apex-trans.co.ukwww.apex-trans.co.uk'