b'Cobots ?Here at APEX we provide the latest cutting-edge technology in the world of collaborative robots and automation.Strong, fast and simple: The Kassow 7 Axis cobot brings a revolutionary new dimension to factory automation. Payloads of up to 10KG, reaches exceeding 1-meter, simple programming and 225 degrees per second joint speeds make the Kassow Cobotstand above the conventional 6 axis robots on the marketplace.The story behind the seventh axis: As you will know, when manipulating arms into confined spaces (CNC machine loading for example), the path taken can often be long and difficult. Our 7th axis technology allows for linear movement from point to point, manipulating radially around the top elbow much like a human arm. This allows for much leaner movement and thus decreased cycle time and less headaches for programmers!Why Collaborative? Our cobot and gripper solutions allow for the end-user as well as established integrators to install, program and use robots with absolute confidence and ease. Drag and drop principle programming tree controls the movement of the robot and actuation of gripper via a simple teach pendant.Rapid Deployment: Collaborative robot arms and grippers lend themselves to the ever-changing production requirements of industry. Onrobot grippers can be changed at the click of a button and doubled up, even using finger type and vacuum type at the same time, on the same arm! Our fully programmable two finger grippers allow for a wide range of different size and shape workpieces without changing anything on our program.With the ever-changing needs of production and handling, collaborative solutions are essential in all industries to stay ahead of the competition and to maximise profitability.Here at APEX we provide you with the tools to help you do so!2 TEL: 01827 253340 FAX: 01827 253390sales@apex-trans.co.ukwww.apex-trans.co.uk'