b'Wrist CameraFor All Robotiq Finger & Vacuum GrippersDIRECT COUPLINGTO ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 FLANGEDesign Parameter ValueCommunication Interface USB 2.0IntegratedLighting 6 LED WhiteWrist CameraMass (g) 160Maximum Resolution 5 Mpx @ 2 fpsMax. Resolution (Pixels) 2560 x 1920Maximum Frame Rate 30 fps @ 0.3 MpxMax. Frame Rate (Pixels) 640 x 480Active Array Size (Pixels) 2592 x 1944Focus Range (mm) 70 to Infin.Lense type LiquidSupply Voltage (V DC) 2420%Peak Current (A) 1Min. Power Consumption (W) 1Max. Power Consumption (W) 22Ingress Protection (IP) IP67Operating Temp Range (C) 0 / + 50ANY COLLABORATIVE ROBOT INSTALLATION MUST ALWAYS BE EVALUATED ON ANINDIVIDUAL BASIS TO DETERMINE THE SUITABILITY FOR WORKING WITHOUT GUARDING20 TEL: 01827 253340 FAX: 01827 253390sales@apex-trans.co.ukwww.apex-trans.co.uk'