b'Gecko6.5kgAdhesive GripperNon MarkingFOR USE WITH QUICK CHANGERINCLUDED WITH EVERY GRIPPERDesign Parameter ValueGripper Mass (kg) 2.4Max. load (Polished Steel) (kg) 6.5Max. load (AcrylicSheet) (kg) 6.5Max. load (Glass Pane) (kg) 5.5Max. load (Sheet Metal) (kg) 5.5Min. Pad Preload Force (N) 40Max. Pad Preload Force (N) 140Preload Sensor Error (%) 7Proximity Sensor Range (mm) < 260Proximity Sensor Error (%) 2Gecko Pad Material Base Non Marking SiliconeManual CleaningMethod Tac Cloth & AlcoholRoboticCleaning Method Cleaning StationPad Replacement(No. Cycles) 150k ~ 250kLoad Held On Power Loss ? YesPad DetachTimes (s) 0.3Supply Voltage (V DC) 24Current Draw (A) 0.5 ~ 0.8Ingress Protection (IP) IP42Operating Temp Range (C) 0 / + 50ANY COLLABORATIVE ROBOT INSTALLATION MUST ALWAYS BE EVALUATED ON ANINDIVIDUAL BASIS TO DETERMINE THE SUITABILITY FOR WORKING WITHOUT GUARDING24 TEL: 01827 253340 FAX: 01827 253390sales@apex-trans.co.ukwww.apex-trans.co.uk'