b'RG6160mm / 6kg2 Finger Gripper160mm JawPOLYMER FINGERTIPSINCLUDED WITH EVERY GRIPPERDesign Parameter ValueMax. Gripper Opening (mm) 160Maximum Payload (kg) 6Gripper Mass (g) 1000Min. Grasp Force (N) 25Max. Grasp Force (N) 120Max. Shear Force Fy (N) 1890Max. Moment Mx / Mx1 (Nm) 38 / 120Max. Moment My / My1 (Nm) 20 / 56Max. Moment Mz / Mz1 (Nm) 35 / 120Min. Finger Speed (mm/s) 51Max. Finger Speed (mm/s) 160FOR USE WITH QUICK CHANGER Grip Force Repeatability (%)25INCLUDED WITH EVERY GRIPPER Positional Repeatability (mm) 0.15Positional Resolution (mm) 0.15Supply Voltage (V DC) * 10 ~ 24Abs. Max. Supply Voltage (V DC) 26Current Draw (mA) 25 ~ 600Power Consumption (W) 1.9 ~ 14.4Ingress Protection (IP) IP54Operating Temp Range (C) + 5 / + 50* 24V Nominal (i.e. @ 12V the gripper runs at half speed)ANY COLLABORATIVE ROBOT INSTALLATION MUST ALWAYS BE EVALUATED ON ANINDIVIDUAL BASIS TO DETERMINE THE SUITABILITY FOR WORKING WITHOUT GUARDINGTEL: 01827 253340 FAX: 01827 253390 23sales@apex-trans.co.ukwww.apex-trans.co.uk'